Company Profile

Company Name Limited company Cuwa
Representative’s name Sinsuke Miyahira
Date of establishment Since November 1, 1991
location 3-497 Nishizaki-cho, Itoman-shi, Okinawa
Phone Number 098-851-7120
Capital 5 million yen
Business content Manufacture and sale of Shuriori


(Please contact us by phone when you come to the workshop. tel:098-851-7120)

Company Record

1946 Born in Naha City, Okinawa
1970 March Graduated from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Chuo University
1983 May Started textile training at Miyahira Textile Studio

Receive guidance from my mother Hatsuko
1984 July Textile training at Okinawa Traditional Crafts Guidance Center (about half a year)
August Exhibited at the rookie dyeing and weaving exhibition sponsored by the Japan Kimono Dyeing and Weaving Crafts Association in Kyoto (selected)

November Shuriori Kobo opened by a married couple
1986 Wife Sanae were exhibited at the Japan Kogei Association (selected)

-首里花倉織着尺20柄(Beige pink)
1988 日本民藝館展に出品(奨励賞)、大阪民藝館買上となる

-首里花倉織着尺20柄(Shiiki gray dyeing)
1989 Wife Sanae exhibited textiles at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum exhibition (selected)

-首里道屯織着尺(Navy blue)
1991 Novenber To participate in the opening of the Okinawa Prefectural products Washita shop, Established a company Shuri Ori Kobo Co., Ltd. Kuwa with my wife because the Factory needs to be incorporated
1992 Wife Sanae exhibited textiles at the Oki exhibition (selected)

 - 首里花織訪問着(Shiiki dyed beige)

A married couple exhibited textiles at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum (selected)

 一hasband・・・首里花倉織着尺大柄(Light blue horizontal multicolor)

    ・・・首里花倉織帯地(Brown shade)

 Sanae’s・・・首里花倉織着尺20柄(Beige pink)
2014  April  Sinsuke Miyahira entry to a company

Receive guidance from father Kazuo.
2021年1月  Shinji Miyahira is appointed President and Representative Director to respond to the rapid expansion of the IT society and changes in the socioeconomic economy. Former president Kazuo Miyahira is appointed as a consultant.